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We put the FUN back in teaching and prepare students for rigorous testing using hands-on, innovative educational games and interactive learning strategies for all students, including the reluctant learner.

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Interactive Learning Strategies to Save Our Students (Book)

Save Our Students (Book)
By Judy E. Knight, M. Ed.

This book is a collection of 35+ teacher-developed, kid-tested activities adaptable for Grades K-8. Reach even the most reluctant learner with "Prove it to Shoot it!" or "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

There are strategies for vocabulary instruction ("Heads Down, Word UP!"-- “Red Rover, Red Rover: It's All Relative."). There is a section dedicated to comprehension strategies ("Song Summaries" -- "Stop, Drop and Draw").

The last section has activities for review and practice ("Draw, Spell or Lose” -- "Deal or No Deal," and a fun game to play with bubble wrap, called "Poppin' Products." ....and who doesn't love popping bubble wrap?)

Reproducibles are provided for activities requiring graphics and/or charts.

Interactive Learning Strategies BookPaperback (8.25 x 11) - $17.95

Book on CDBook on CD  - $12.95

Multiple Madness®

Multiple MadnessMultiple Madness® is a fun and proven way for students to learn their multiplication tables. Repetition is critical to learning and mastering basic facts.

Games - $15.00 each

MM001 Multiple Madness - set of 1’s
MM002 Multiple Madness - set of 2’s
MM003 Multiple Madness - set of 3’s
MM004 Multiple Madness - set of 4’s
MM005 Multiple Madness - set of 5’s
MM006 Multiple Madness - set of 6’s
MM007 Multiple Madness - set of 7’s
MM008 Multiple Madness - set of 8’s
MM009 Multiple Madness - set of 9’s
MM010 Multiple Madness - set of 10’s
MM011 Multiple Madness - set of 11’s
MM012 Multiple Madness - set of 12’s

Buy a set 4 of Multiple Madness® games (mix and match) and save!

Multiple Madness

The madness is not limited to students!

Multiple Madness

Literature + Logic = Math-emagical Thinking

Literature and Logic Mathemagical ThinkingLiterature + Logic = Math-emagical Thinking contains logic problems that can be used in conjunction with reading popular children's books. The interactive problems and extension activities can be successfully completed with or without reading the stories.

Included are 28 individual problems with answer keys, as well as step-by-step instructions for using the materials.

Teach students to be "thinkers" as they use inductive and deductive reasoning strategies. Keep them engaged with extension activities using reproducibles like "Create a Wild Thing," "Clothing Feature Cards," "Flavor Spinner," "Comic Strip Template," and "Weird Weather Words."

CDActivity Collection on CD - $15.00
87 pages


Conversion Cover Up!
Puzzle Collection

Conversion Cover Up! Puzzle CollectionThis teacher-friendly resource helps students learn/practice measurement -- both customary and metric. The collection of 20 puzzles includes conversions for length, capacity and volume, mass and weight, time and mixed practice.

Based on teacher observation and data from the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test, we saw a need to address the problems students are having with measurement. One of the main things students struggle with is conversions within the metric and customary systems. Looking ahead at the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), conversions will be assessed under Reporting Category 4 (Measurement). In order to help both students and teachers in this area, we have developed a way for students to practice making conversions that is fun and interactive.

The set includes: Introduction, directions for students, directions/tips for teachers and printables (conversion chart, 20 word problem templates, 20 puzzle grids, 20 answer keys).

Download a FREE copy of Game #1 of Judy’s popular Conversion Cover Up!

Puzzle Collection on CD - $15.00
70 Pages

Demystify Math and See Your
At-Risk Kids Smile

Cool Math GamesMath can be a mystery for at-risk students. Now you can demystify math with exciting, hands-on activities that make math concepts tangible and real. Use standards-based games and activities to reinforce skills and concepts such as multiplication, measurement, rounding, and other important math strategies.

This collection includes: On a Roll with Fact Families (K-2), On a Roll with Fact Families (3-6), Mini-Domino Math (K-2), Mini-Domino Math (3-5), Race to Round Up the Ten's, and much more!

CDGame Collection on CD - $10.00
17 Pages

Magic Princess Wands

princess wandsOur princess wands light up, spin, and make a magical sound!  They are perfect as a form of praise, celebration, or just to get kids’ attention!

Available in four colors: 
-Light Blue
-Pink (pink not shown)

16” long

Wands - $6.00 each

Magic Wizard Wands

wizard wandsOur wizard wands light up, spin, and play a catchy tune!

Available in two colors: 
-Blue Metallic
-Red Metallic

16” long

Wands - $6.00 each

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