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SOS For Teachers will help you find the balance between student engagement and providing quality education.  In our workshops, you will use proven, hands-on tools to make every student successful on state-mandated tests, including the Texas STAAR test!  

Our workshops will leave you rejuvenated, motivated, and equipped with the tools needed to make your students soar! 

We have provided training for over 5,000 teachers at the district and state levels! Our educational workshops are customized to meet the specific needs of teachers at the district and state levels across the nation in two areas:

  • Teacher Workshops and Professional Development
  • Increase Students' Academic Achievement

Our workshops are packed with creative ideas to improve learning and achievement. After attending our workshops, teachers are ready to take our innovative ideas back to the classroom and immediately implement them with little or no preparation.  Judy Knight's eight interactive teacher workshops are listed below.

Professional Development and CPE Hours

Teachers receive 3 CPE hours for half day workshops and 6 CPE hours for all-day workshops. Certificates for CPE hours available upon request.  

Schedule A Workshop
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Judy Knight will schedule a day with your School District to address the specific needs of your teachers by offering quality staff development via Teacher Workshops.

Schedule your customized workshop on location at your School District. You’ll see the results...quality education, done Texas style!

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1. Teach Reading
Like a Rock STAAR

Reading can be laborious for some students and others may just not find reading to be very interesting. By engaging students in various reading activities, you can capitalize on the strengths, styles, and interests of ALL your students! In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Acquire ideas to teach students how to be 'thinkers' to make inferences about cause and effect relationships, main ideas, vocabulary, and sequencing through visualizing and sketching.

  • Learn techniques for using music to teach summarization.

  • Use dramatization to teach summarization and make reading come alive. 


2. Teach Math
Like an All- STAAR

Math can be a mystery for at-risk students. Now you can demystify math with exciting hands-on activities that make math concepts tangible and real. In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Learn a variety of TEKS-based card games and activities to reinforce concepts such as place value, rounding, and other important math skills.


3. The Three E's for
Success with Expository Text

Reading and comprehending expository text is generally difficult for many students. Since (85%) of reading material at the secondary and post-secondary level is expository in nature, it is imperative that students have tools for tackling texts of this type. Students need to be excited about reading, and have a positive self-esteem when learning how to extract pertinent information from expository text. In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Participate in hands-on activities to help students extract pertinent information when reading expository text.

  • Learn how to make science and social studies exciting.

  • Acquire strategies to boost the self-esteem of struggling students to be more confident readers of expository text. 


4. CSI: Comprehension Strategies Investigations

Test-taking strategies should not be separate tasks, but developed as part of everyday classroom instruction. Test-taking strategies are a way of organizing thoughts about fiction and nonfiction in reading and writing. Learn how to motivate students to go back to the comprehension scene to investigate and find the text evidence to prove their answers on ANY test. In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Learn think-aloud strategies to help students understand how to tackle different text types.

  • Acquire hands-on activities that focus on reading skills.

  • Learn how to incorporate test-taking strategies while reinforcing these reading skills.

  • Participate in activities and games that combine strategies and skills to help prepare students for the Texas STAAR reading test. 

5. Games Galore and Other Tips to Keep Learning Active and Meaningful

Research shows learning must be active and meaningful in order for students to be successful. Today, educators must compete with video games and television, which makes teaching challenging at times. But, if we don't move 'em, we lose 'em! In our interactive workshops, participants will:

  • Learn activities to provide opportunities to make learning interactive through movement and reflection.

  • Acquire knowledge about new games to help students repeat, review, and reinforce concepts/content in reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

  • Acquire transition tips to bridge the gap from one activity or subject to the next. 

Active Learning

6. Using Visual Images to Improve Comprehension on the Texas STAAR Test

Using visual images to improve comprehension will help students be more successful on the STAAR reading test. In our modern technological world, kids are exposed to multiple sources of visual images via computer games, video games, television, etc. and are seldom required to create these images on their own.

According to Hibbing and Rankin-Erickson, students who lack the ability to create visual images when reading often experience comprehension difficulties. Many low-ability readers with comprehension difficulties are not able to describe the pictures in their minds as they read. (The Reading Teacher, Vol. 56 No. 8, May 2003)

Teaching your struggling readers ways to create visual images as they read will help them be more successful on the Texas STAAR reading test. One way is by actually teaching your students to draw pictures as they read each paragraph of a selection to help them visualize what is going on and help them draw out the main idea.  In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Learn techniques to boost vocabulary instruction using nonlinguistic representations.

  • Acquire various sketching strategies for improving comprehension.

7. Integrating Language Arts Skills in Science and Social Studies

Finding the time to fit it all in during the busy school day can be challenging for classroom teachers. By integrating language arts skills in science and social studies, these important content areas will be brought to the forefront of the classroom.  By utilizing these strategies, teachers will have time to cover the content in the science and social studies TEKS. In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Be given a framework for practical and purposeful development of science and social studies lessons.

  • Acquire various reading strategies to do before, during, and after reading science and social studies materials.

  • Learn ways to incorporate writing in science and social studies. 

  • Strategies for comprehending science journals.

8. ESL Strategies That Benefit ALL Students!

Cancel out the invisible factor! Many English Language Learners fade into the background and allow other students to do all the thinking rather than taking a risk by answering a question incorrectly. In this interactive session, participants will:

  • Discover ways to set up the learning environment to be safe and risk-free so that English Language Learners feel confident to take risks and participate in the learning.

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