SOS for Teachers, Improving Academic Performance

Improving Academic Performance
Educational Consulting for Teachers Across the Nation

SOS FOR TEACHERS provides educational services and educational products to teachers across the nation to improve academic performance.

Reading Vocabulary
Mathematics Interactive Learning

We put the FUN back in teaching and prepare students for rigorous testing using hands-on, innovative educational games and interactive learning strategies for all students, including the reluctant learner.

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Schedule your customized workshop on location at your School District. You’ll see the results...quality education, done Texas style!

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Teacher Workshops &
Professional Development

SOS For Teachers, a partnership founded by Judy Knight and Sue Price providing educational workshops and professional development for teachers.

Improve your school -- improve your district! School Districts recognize the ongoing need for academic improvement. We have provided training for over 5,000 teachers at the district and state levels!

Judy Knight will schedule a day with your School District to address the specific needs of your teachers by offering quality staff development via Teacher Workshops. Judy Knight's interactive teacher workshops include:

  1. Teach Reading Like a Rock STAAR
  2. Teach Math Like an All-STAAR
  3. The Three E's for Success with Expository Text
  4. CSI - Comprehension Strategies Investigations
  5. Games Galore and Other Tips to Keep Learning Active and Meaningful
  6. Using Visual Images to Improve Comprehension on the STAAR Test
  7. Integrating Language Arts Skills in Science and Social Studies
  8. ESL Strategies That Benefit ALL Students!

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Student Workshops

Educational Student Workshops

Our Educational Student Workshops are filled with educational games, interactive learning strategies, and other tips to keep learning active and meaningful.

Judy Knight’s experience will show you diverse ways to engage all students and prepare them for the future!

Our Educational Student Workshops prepare teachers and students for state-mandated tests, and improve reading, comprehension, math, and logical thinking skills. Judy Knight's interactive learning Student Workshops include:

  1. Five-STAAR Math Boot Camp 
  2. CSI: Comprehension Strategies Investigations

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Educational Learning Games
Vocabulary Activities &
Cool Math Games

Engage even the most reluctant learner using the following interactive learning games and activities:

  • Stop, Drop, and Draw
  • Prove it to Shoot it
  • Who Let the Dogs Out
  • Multiple Madness®
  • Literature + Logic = Math-emagical Thinking
  • Conversion Cover Up!

SOS for Teachers offers educational learning activities including strategies for vocabulary instruction and Judy Knight's teacher-developed, kid-tested interactive educational math games.

Judy Knight's popular board game, Multiple Madness®, is being used in classrooms everywhere to help students reinforce their multiplication facts and improve math test scores. Watch your students’ multiplication skills grow as they play Multiple Madness.® 

For a complete listing of educational games and activities for students, visit Games and Activities


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